The RGV is a hidden gem, it is one of the most diverse areas in the state of Texas yet still largely unknown. The Valley offers an array of locations ideal for any film setting.


The RGV has long been known for its fertile soils and year long sunshine providing the most ideal conditions for crop production.  With a growing period of 330 days crops are harvested year around, the RGV still remains the most important vegetable producing area in the state of Texas. The RGV is also the birthplace of the Ruby Red Grapefruit, patented in 1929 in the city of McAllen where it continues to thrive.

Big City

The RGV has come a long way from an agriculture dominant economy.  Today the RGV attracts businesses from around the world; entrepreneurs are attracted to its growing economy, population, and vast opportunities.


Across the RGV, the downtown areas of many cities have long been cherished areas. Many have retained their historical architecture with each new development.

Filming Shots

Feel free to browse this gallery of photos and posters of films shot in the Valley.


The RGV prides itself on its Historical areas, some dating back to the 1700s when the first settlers arrived.  Our historical areas continue to attract visitors both near and far. Many cities have renovated old buildings to maintain their historical appeal. The Historical Museum of South Texas, located in Edinburg, is just one example of renovated historical architecture.


Homes across the RGV are anything but ordinary.  We are confident that our area will provide you with what you have envisioned. Whether your location is in the United States or another country, our homes exude the possibilities for a variety of sites.

South Padre Island & Port Isabel

The RGV includes South Padre Island, a tourist hotspot.  SPI would be an ideal location for any film seeking to portray a picturesque island getaway.


The RGV is only minutes away from Mexico.  The border towns are extremely diverse, ranging in population, scenery, and economics, exuding a unique blend of cultures.

Modern Architecture

With the large economic growth in the RGV also came the transition from traditional to modern architecture. With many cities wishing to revitalize its outdated areas, there have been vast opportunities to incorporate creative structural design.


The RGV takes pride in being the home to eleven ecosystems which attract visitors from around the world.  We can assure you that our area would be an ideal setting for most films. The photos that follow represent some of the landscape in the RGV, if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us and we are confident that we can find a location that meets your needs.


With its unique blend of cultures, the RGV is home to a variety of historic churches that would be fitting for film makers.


The RGV was part of New Spain colonies and later the Republic of Mexico before becoming part of the state of Texas.  Our historical roots are evident in architecture both past and present.  The photos below represent only a small fraction of the establishments of this genre.


The RGV’s grand landscape provides for an array of sporting activities from organized sports to bullfighting.

The Good Old Days

The RGV was once comprised of only small towns.  It has since evolved into an area of many smaller towns surrounding one large city. Some of the larger cities include Rio Grande City, Mission, McAllen, Edinburg, Harlingen, and Brownsville. Each of the surrounding towns features a distinct culture reminiscent of simpler times.